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By People & Polity

Let’s do a little comparison.

2011 election under Goodluck Ebele Jonathan = N85 billion (About $234 million USD)

2015 election under Goodluck Ebele Jonathan = N93 billion (About $256 million USD)

Those were the times before Recession, and when the economy was booming.

(According to Buhari’s fanatics when they juxtapose both administrations)

Proposed 2019 election under the canonized “Saint” Buhari who wears integrity as a garb  =N242 billion (About $664 million USD)

This is at a time when Nigeria is yet to recover from recession and when crude prices are still very low.

It will take N64 billion ( About $176 million USD) more of what Goodluck Ebele Jonathan used to conduct two general elections for “Saint” Buhari to conduct just one.

Remember Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is the most corrupt leader in the history of Nigeria according to Buhari’s standard.

A further breakdown shows that:

INEC = N189.207 billion (About $522 million USD)

ONSA = N4.2 billion(About $11 million USD)

DSS = N12.213 billion(About $34 million USD)

NSCDC = N3.573 billion( About $10 million USD)

NPF = N30.541 billion(About $85 million USD)

NIS = N2.628 billion(About $8 million USD)

This is a war and no longer election, yet most of these people aided and abetted rigging in Ekiti state. They never batted an eyelid even when thugs snatched ballot boxes)

Further breakdown of police proposal shows that:

1. Feeding of dogs during the 2019 elections is N166,315 million ($459 million USD)

2. N143,782 million is to be spent on medical and general expenses for the dogs (About $400 thousand USD)

3. About N7,719.4 million  (About $22,000 USD) is to be spent for feeding of 50 Horses belonging to the police.

It has always been about animals in Nigeria, and never about humans.

Surprisingly, the budget of the senior citizens (Cows), was not included when the budgets of lesser citizens are in hundreds of millions.

From the above proposed election fund, you be the judge between Buhari and Jonathan who in deed is a rogue.

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