Ambassador Stuart Symington, the United States ambassador to Nigeria, affirms citizens of Nigeria as the real and sustainable wealth of their country.
He advised that true leadership must reflect in the people. He made this statement at the African Business Conference Plus 2018 with the theme:

“Human Capital : The key to Africa’s Transformation.”  A conference put together by the American Business Council (ABC)in partnership with the Lagos Business School (LBS).

Symington hammers that Nigerians were greatest resources of the country and without them, there would be no leader.

He made this clear in his words, “I am here to let you know the greatest resource of this nation. As an ambassador, I have seen first hand the diversity of the nation as well as its potential. Their value for people is what makes them stand out, that is why I strongly believe that the greatest resource for this nation is you.”

The ambassador also advised the need to fast track partnership between US companies and credible institutions like LBS, in order to improve vocational studies and requisite talents in areas that will enhance Africa’s growth.


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