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1. Study and Practice with Qbank questions online.

2. Buy Uworld Qbank or Kaplan Qbank, Mark Klimek Audio, Hurst Review Video, etc.

3. Practice, Practice and practice, answer the Questions using the Principles outlined in the kaplan textbook until it becomes part of you

4. Get an ear piece for your phone to listen to audios and videos anywhere you may be, in the bus, at work, in the train etc.

5. Save some money, so you can afford at least two of the above mentioned Qbanks. Varies in price according to the number of months. Ranges from $99 – $299.

6. Study at your own pace, do not overload your brain and know your best study time.

NB: For more practice visit


Somachi MarkAnthony, BSN, is a registered nurse and certified nephrology nurse.

She lives in and writes from the USA.

For questions and further clarifications, she can be reached at

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