Pastor Nduka, sat back on the swivel chair, in his study, and Segun, his PA flung the door open as usual without any courtesy of knock.

“Pastor good morning,” The 29 year old tall lanky and well dressed young man greeted casually.

“When will you change,’ Pastor Nduka asked uneasy.

 Change to become a fool, Segun barely muted to himself, and of course Pastor Nduka didn’t hear him, before he said, “Pastor, sorry…”

“Sorry, for yourself. I have made it clear to you  several times that I don’t want you to barge into my office without a knock.”

“Sorry sir,” he sharply responded.

“How do I get rid of this completely, not too good for my voice,” Pastor Nduka said taking the last puff of his wrapped Marijuana, and began rolling some more in a new Rizzla.

“Pastor, you know what to do…

“What do you suggest I do?” I know I must quit but how?”

“Talk to God about your situation, you always preach there is nothing impossible for God to do, He can take the addiction away from you.”

Pastor Nduka smiled, and responded; “God will not do everything for you, so we should not bother Him with little things we can handle…”

“Little things and you’re complaining…” Segun quickly interrupted and with a wave of the hand, Pastor Nduka said, “Please I don’t want your preaching now.” He glanced at his 24-carat gold Rolex wrist watch and said, “Time for service.”

At exactly, 9am, Pastor Nduka climbed the altar escorted by his 12-man heavy-build body guards, and went straight to the grand piano, hit a few keys after sitting down, then raised his melodious voice to sing this:

“Thy loving kindness is better than life!
my lips shall praise you thus will I bless you, I will lift up my hands in your name.” (Chorus)

Drums, guitars, and as he raised his hand, the choir joined him. The musical orchestration was simply out of this planet, virtually all the ladies in the church were lost in awe of his beautiful voice.

Then a beautiful young lady said among the congregation, “Pastor Nduka is a Lucifer. Music is wired inside him.”

The story continues…

Razzmatazz Pastor is among the literary works of MarkAnthony Nze. For commercial reproduction contact the author at 

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