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Good day ma, 

I saw your link on my group wall. I am a Nigerian Registered Nurse/Registered Peri-Operative Nurse, I completed my online BSN (RN- BSN) programme at Texila American University in November 2018. I also have B.Ed (Health Education) and MPH both at University of Ibadan. I am about sitting for my IELTS and I want to inquire if I can be recruited by your agency if I pass the exam. I don’t have NCLEX yet. 

Thanks for your anticipated favourable consideration.
You can contact O’grady as soon as you pass the IELTS. Target a Band score of 7.0.    

I also understand they consider a person who has 6.5 in IELTS 
2. Question
I’m interested in working in USA or Canada. I have bachelor’s degree in nursing science in Nigeria.
You have passed the first step. Then follow my column on this site for more details. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me.
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 I am a Nigerian registered nurse with  a bachelor’s degree in nursing. I have 5 years of working experience. I haven’t sat for NCLEX- RN. But I’m willing to sit and eventually get to work in the USA through your agency. How do I go about this please? I await a prompt response from you.

Please visit my column, Health Zone on this site and read through my posts from the beginning,  you will surely understand how it works. I  post regularly.
Remember,  the number of months the process takes, depends on how you are communicated to it. 
So take Action now.
4. Question
Please can you help one started with NCLEX or a IELTS registration and sponsorship? I am interested in working outside the shores of Nigeria. Thanks.
First your verification must be completed before you are given the ATT for NCLEX-RN sxam.

Get started today by applying for sponsorship by any of the Agencies listed.
5. Question
Happy new year. How has your day been? I got your email from the Westways Staffing services link. Please I have interest in working as a Nurse in Canada. Can you assist me on how to go about it? 
Kind Regards.
6. Answer
Yes, keep visiting the site, your answers are there.

It is not Westways website,  I write on my Health zone at :
 If you are interested in Westways, go ahead and apply.
Thank you. 
N.B. The names of the questioners are deliberately withheld to protect their identities.
Somachi MarkAnthony, BSN, is a registered nurse and  certified nephrology nurse.
She lives in and writes from the USA.
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