Good day ma, 

I saw your link on my group wall. I am a Nigerian Registered Nurse/Registered Peri-Operative Nurse, I completed my online BSN (RN- BSN) programme at Texila American University in November 2018. I also have B.Ed (Health Education) and MPH both at University of Ibadan. I am about sitting for my IELTS and I want to inquire if I can be recruited by your agency if I pass the exam. I don’t have NCLEX yet. 

Thanks for your anticipated favourable consideration.
The agency would require you to do your verification and write the NCLEX-RN exam first before it they can sponsor your Green card and give you job.
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I got your email on line, I am a registered nurse(Diploma in nursing) from Uganda and would be much interested to work in the United states if an opportunity avails.
The purpose of writing to you is to find out what are the modalities of one getting in there.
Working in the USA is easy, once you have done your verifications. 
Start your verification process with CGFNS and the board of Nursing you choose. 
When you pass the NCLEX-RN exam,Conexus  Medstaff will recruit you and do everything for you from the moment you pass the NCLEX-RN exam. 

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After reading my posts, apply to Conexus Medstaff today and send me your Resume for follow up. Free to ask me questions at any time.
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I am a Registered nurse/midwife for more than 10 years experience ,presently working with health services commission. Iam interested in your services.
You are welcome to Conexus Medstaff Agency. Fill out the forms and apply to Conexus today. Then send me your Resume for follow up. 
Begin your Verification process ASAP. Then you are approved to write the NCLEX-RN exam. Once you pass, your dreams will come through. 
Be determined. 
4. Question
Saw your link on a group and decided to mail you. 

Does relocating to USA compulsorily requires IELTS?  A friend once  told me America is not keen about ielts, that with NCLEX one is good to go. Pls how true are the above findings.
You can apply to Shearwater Health even without IELTS.

Let me have your name as it appears on your passport. To follow up with it.
N.B : For security reasons, the names of the questioners are deliberately withheld.

Somachi MarkAnthony, BSN, is a registered nurse and certified nephrology nurse.

She lives in, and writes from the USA.

For questions, and further clarifications, she can be reached at somachilove35@gmail.com