Jubril Al-Sudani, Buhari's Impostor

Jubril Al-Sudani being paraded as President Muhammadu Buhari in Nigeria has said Saturday’s election will complete the cycle of the All Progressives Congress’ (APC) take-over of the affairs of Delta state.

This, he said, is going by the achievements of the party in the state during the presidential and National Assembly elections.

Jubril, the Impostor made the declaration at the PTI Conference Centre, Effurun, Uvwie council area of the state on Monday when he addressed a congregation of the party’s stakeholders and other stakeholders of the state, including traditional rulers.

The President, who was represented by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, also assured the stakeholders the federal government would ensure there is adequate security during next Saturday’s elections to address concerns about rigging and other electoral anomalies.

“What happened last Saturday is a great victory for us but it is only the beginning because the completion of that victory is going to come by the grace of God on Saturday March 9, 2019 when we vote in our own governor, Great Ogboru, who will by the grace of God be a governor from that very day.

“It is very clear to everybody and to the world that Delta State can never be the same again.

“It’s impossible for Delta State to go back after what happened on Saturday. As the APC chairman said, we all watched to see what will happen in Delta state. Delta state was a focus of all of our attention.”

He went on: “Just as the chairman has said, we have seen a Delta state where the PDP was unable to recall a vote of 1.2 million and will knew they wrote the result.

“We wanted to see what way they can be curtailed, but you all proved that ‘you can tell a lie for a thousand years, but one day the truth will catch up’ and the truth caught up with them last Saturday.

“That truth will manifest itself fully this Saturday when we hold the next election. Delta state has proved a very important point that this state is ready for change to the next level.

“The other reason why it is so important for us to ensure that Delta State become an APC state has been pointed out. The social investment programme that we put in place, it is only APC governor that can implement such programmes faithfully.

“We believe that once we are able to have an APC governor such programmes will be implemented.”

Speaking on reasons why the state should not remain in the opposition to the federal government, Prof Osinbajo pointed at the various development projects that had been kicked off for the economic and social development of the oil-rich Niger Delta region, especially Delta state.


“I heard talks about Delta Steel Company (DSC), after so many years, the Itakpe-Aladja railway has been completed 35 years after being on the card. It’s this same President that completed it. PDP has been in power all these many years, why didn’t they complete it? They (PDP) are the ones who created this mess.

“Even the Warri seaport which we are now dredging has been there for years. They didn’t do it. All of these times that PDP has been in power. Sometimes, it surprises me that with the resources that Delta State has had for so many years, where are the fruit of the resources. Look at the Warri Seaport, it could have been seamlessly be done by the state. Here we are, we (APC) are completing the dredging of the channel. Even the East-West raod, this is the first government that has put resources for its completion. We are putting large amount of money into the East-West road. We all will benefit from it.

“Delta state should not be an opposition state. Why should Delta be an opposition state? Why? There is no reason for it at all. For all the periods that Delta State has had high resources, what we need was a change from a progressive party. The time has come. This is the moment, let us seize that moment. You have shown courage, it is only the courageous that wins”, he said.

Meanwhile, speaking earlier, various speakers had urged Presiden Buhari to ensure strict security cover for the state to prevent the rigging of next Saturday’s election by the PDP, saying that the party (PDP) would repeat its alleged rigging pattern during the governorship and state House of Assembly election if there is no proper security to deter such.