Is Governor Willie Obiano, now the Mayor of Orange?

By MarkAnthony Nze

For nearly one month, being the third time in the year, the Governor of Anambra state, Willie Obiano has been in the United States, where he is holidaying with his wife, and almost hundred aides that journeyed with him. Obviously, the Governor went for the summer vacation, and not really any business relationship as he pretentiously presented, and this time, being summer is the sweetest period in the States. Obiano on countless times, has proven immeasurably that he is a man that loves pleasure with passion, among his favourite kinds include frolicking with  light-skinned complexioned women, (which the United States has in abundance) and excessive drinking to the point that he often drinks himself to stupor. An attitude very unworthy of a gentleman let alone a serving Governor, and number one citizen of his state.

Ordinarily, Obiano’s reckless life style would not have been so much an issue to be bothered about if he were not a Governor, and saddled with the leadership of Anambra State, the the 10th most populous Nigerian state with a population of over four million, which has Onitsha as one of the most commercial cities in Africa. 

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Interestingly, Onitsha is a leading commercial hub in Nigeria, and the revenue that accrues to Anambra from taxation on the markets domiciled in Onitsha is more than enough to successfully pilot the economic affairs, and further develop the infrastructural facilities of Anambra without even exerting pressure on the coffers of the state’s allocation but quite unfortunate, Anambra state is heavily indebted even though Obiano inherited a debt-free state from his predecessor, Mr Peter Obiano, and is even unthinkable, that the state is struggling to pay salaries to workers, considering the fact that Obi left a surplus savings  of over 75 billion naira in cash for Obiano.

How did Anambra degenerate to this ridiculous state? It is simple, a man who placed premium on frivolities than the real issues of life was made a Governor, and handed over the leadership of a commercial viable state to run. Obiano was given an office far superior to his competence. Obiano should have been allowed to start his political career as a Special Adviser on Entertainment when he became a Governor, for he knows the choicest wines to entertain guests with, he has a network of beautiful young women that are good at relieving the stress of men after a hard day’s job. He loves the night life with every fibre of his soul, and his favourite musician is Flavour N’Abania, the talented artiste who is as good as in music as he is good as identifying beautiful young ladies, and having relationships with them little wonder his baby mama was a former beauty queen, and he is a very good friend of Obiano, the parlance of  “show me your friend,” explains the rest.

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