Chinese Face Masks Will Kill You, Don’t Wear It – Kanu
The leader of the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, has cautioned people of the southeast against using face masks imported from China.

Kanu alleged that face masks produced and imported from China are contaminated, hence the south should be avoided.

The IPOB leader made the claim in his latest broadcast on Radio Biafra.

According to Kanu, “The facemasks that are made in China are contaminated; do not make use of them because you will die.

“Nobody will come to your rescue, use the way in which they are sharing the relief materials only in the North as an example.

“Chinese are treating our people like rags in China and you say I should be diplomatic? It is better I die standing on my feet than live a thousand years on my knees. People treat us the way they do because we see evil and keep quiet.

“We are going to do what the world never expected of a black people. We want to build a Nation, God in heaven will be proud of.

“How many people have you seen going to China for medical treatment?. Why then inviting China to treat you? Welcome to the zoo.

“The people you brought in from China are they not the same people attacking our people in China?”