The Reality Nkechi Bianze's Foot Soldiers Need To ​Know

Dear Nkechi Bianze Foot Soldiers,

Your godmother is not getting trolled because “feminism said; don’t get married”

Not because she said she’ll never be married, not because we thought she’s one of the ugliest creatures on Earth, both in and out and any man wouldn’t like to climb the amorphous bag of locust beans…not at all..not even close.

But we are all surprised just like you, that she’s gonna spend the rest of her life with her own brand new, premium potential rapist, an abusive Patriarchial scumbag that she swore should be 5 ft away from her and her children just a few years ago.

We all surprised she doesn’t find any kind, non-patriachal and non-misogynistic potential rapist right there in Canada all these years that she had to buy a plane ticket just to come tie the knot with an average, kind misogynistic, Patriachal Nigerian scam here.

We are all surprised she finally get humbled by a prick,not just an ordinary prick..a prick that belongs to a premium average potential rapist from a tribe she’s spent her entire miserable life here on Facebook doing all manner of research to give the most despicable tag to.

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We are also surprised why you’re congratulating because she got married?.. isn’t “congratulation” a word used in the event of an achievement? marriage is such a great feat that deserve to be congratulated for?

You spend your entire time here telling us how marriage keep women down, how getting married to a Nigerian man kill your potential..but the first word you think of when a woman get married is “congratulations”.. congratulating her for Killing her own potentials?

Dear Kings,
You’re still the still the prize, Been so since the time of our grandfathers.. even if you don’t have anything Remember you have a magical asset that can reset the brain of even the most pathetic Brain damaged feminist out there….I mean.. your dick!.

Good morning.

By Taopheeq Olaitan