Spiritual Veil: A dangerous Phenomenon, And How To Remove It
  • Spiritual Veil (Uchu Agbala-Mmadụ)

A Spiritual Veil is like an evil covering which prevents you from seeing or having any luck, favour, blessing, or progress in your lifetime. Such a spiritual veil destroys and ruins any individual. It can reduce them to nothing.

Many people are tied down and blocked from achieving goodness in their lives with this spiritual veil (uchu). Lots of them are tired of life coupled with endless and fruitless struggles without any good result. Bad luck, hardship, promise and failure, frustrations, failure at the edge of breakthrough, hatred, lack of finance or financial support from people, sickness, serial disappointments, spiritual stealing, depression, among others.

A spiritual veil renders one completely useless, causing you to see yourself as a fool in the eyes of your contemporaries. It comes with a spiritual aura that can disgrace anyone anywhere! Publicly, the spirit brings retrogression and no progress. People continuously let you down. Heavy disgrace in life as a result of having a strained relationship with your spirits.

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Spiritual guides like your Incarnator (onye uwa), revelation spirit (agwu), Spirit of herbalism (Aro), ancestral spirits (Ndị ichie) and marine spirits (Ndị mmiri) can also result in a spiritual covering (uchu) for any individual. Prayers leading to casting out and binding out the spirit will not set you free. The solution is to be on good terms with them.

Witches (ndi amosu) can attack people’s futures with a spiritual veil (uchu) to the extent that one works like an elephant yet eats like an ant, without being spiritually aware of the cause. The spiritual veil (uchu) has caused major setbacks for people. Their vision and ambition in life are severely affected. Lots of people, with great destiny, end up with no tangible achievement. Ladies experience lateness in marriage. The happily married couples hit the rocks. Some, their businesses flop or have bad sales (njọ afia) as a result of spiritual covering.

It is advisable to be spiritually inclined or woke. Be close to Chukwu and your spirit guides to avoid such a bad veil covering you. If you are a victim of such spiritual veiling, here is a simple solution.


Get alligator pepper, 7777, or holy Micheal perfume, A big native sponge, small black soap, 7 pieces of cloves, and a small quantity of sea salt.

Now put seven seeds of alligator pepper, seven cloves, and sea salt inside a bucket of water. Add two caps of 7777/Micheal perfume inside that water. Then use the black soap and native sponge to bathe every morning before going out for 7 days.

Get seven 50 naira notes and speak over them that you are taking out the spiritual veils. Clean your body with those notes as you go out. That first day you started the bath, ensure you give out all that money to different beggars.

Appease and feed your spiritual guides too.

NB: No spiritual work is effective without any sacrifice or giving.

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