Embrace Natural Diets To Live Long - Biochemist

Olayemi Ikotun, the President of the Biochemist Practitioners Association of Nigeria (BPAON), has appealed to the present generation of individuals to try their best to embrace natural diets in order to live long.

Ikotun made the appeal during the 2022 Biochemist Practitioners Induction Conference in Lagos on Sunday.

He made it clear that major biochemists worldwide have found out that natural medicinal supplements which are raw material plants are very useful to the human body and they also help to enhance longevity.

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He said that intake of natural medicinal supplements allows one to live long without side effects.

The Chief Biochemist said that ailments such as fibroid and infertility have been treated and cured with natural medicinal supplementation.

“As biochemists, we know how to give out effective treatment with effective natural supplements in treating fibroid.

“This treatment will clear off the fibroid layers in the system accurately without side effects,” he said.

Ikotun said that treatment is done in stages for two months until the fibroid clears off.

He encouraged women that are within the child-bearing age limit but advanced in age to embrace natural medicinal supplements to treat fibroid.

The President also made it known that the age limit should be put into consideration before a woman embarks on surgery to cure fibroid, adding that these women should rather embrace alternative remedies like natural medicinal supplements.

He said exposing women that are advanced in age to surgery might damage their reproductive organs and cells because all females’ reproductive organs are very sensitive to surgical tools.

He said that patients who had surgery before to cure fibroid should eat more alkaline foods in order to avoid regrowth.


Africa Today News, New York

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