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Snacking in between meals has come to stay. The major issue with snacking in between meals is having snacks that are not exactly healthy for the body. One must point to the fact that there are a lot of unhealthy snacks in circulation in the world right now.

These snacks have most of the major ingredients as sugar, excessive fat and are therefore deemed unhealthy for the person who is concerned with what they take into their bodies.

The consumption of these unhealthy snacks could result in various health conditions which include, diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, kidney failure, e.t.c hence the need for healthy snacking options.

This is where gloez foods come in. Gloez foods has decided to ensure the availability of a healthier snack option which will not only satisfy the cravings for a snack but also to ensure that the body is supplied with the necessary nutrients even while snacking. That way, the body gets it ideal serving of daily nutrients.

What better way to ensure healthy and delicious snacking than with groundnut chips? Groundnut chips, also known as, kulikuli, is gotten from groundnuts which is a rich source of plant protein as well as healthy fats and oils.

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Gloez executive groundnut chips are fresh, crunchy, and tasty. The main material is groundnut which is also prepared with pepper, a regulated quantity of sugar and salt for desired taste, as well as onions, ginger, and garlic for that extra flavour and nutrition.

The nutritional benefits include, protein, calcium, magnesium, vitamins A, E, C, B6, and B12; talk about a healthy and delicious snack that ticks all the boxes.

At Gloez foods, the groundnut chips are not just deliciously prepared, they are also prepared under a hygienically controlled environment to ensure that quality is not compromised for any reason. The Gloez groundnut chips are then packaged in an air tight packaging and sealed to ensure that unwanted air is kept out and the chips remain fresh and crunchy for as long as possible.

Gloez executive groundnut chips comes in different sizes and prices to meet the specific needs of different people for specific occasions at pocket-friendly rates ranging from two hundred Naira for the economy pack to five hundred Naira for the bigger size to that of one thousand Naira and the biggest size which is one thousand two hundred Naira only. It is also available in large quantities for wholesalers who intend to buy, re-sell and make profit. It can be served as a snack in the office, at functions, family picnics and any gathering that has the need for a snack at any point in time.

Gloez executive groundnut chips, is packed, available and ready to be delivered nationwide. It is also available to be shipped outside the country. There have been positive reviews from both within and outside the country attesting to the uniqueness of this uniquely made groundnut chip.

For orders, contact Gloez foods via their e-mail on, or call them on the numbers, 08061640586 or 07055163740. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram @gloezfoods.

Gloez foods, the taste of uniqueness!!.

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