Rain Water: Spiritual And Medicinal Uses
Simply put, when water falls in drops from the sky it is called rain or rain water. Water is pure. Water is love. Water is peace. Water is life. ‘Mmiri adịghị enwe ilo’ also ‘ụzọ mmiri adịghị echi echi’ these are adages that is very familiar with any Ọdịnanị adherent. People who are water element can easily understand me. Though water is formed from three different elements namely air, earth and water.
Rainfall is very vital as when it rains down from the skies to earth it fills up our rivers, lakes, oceans and provide drinks for our plants and animals. As humans, we cannot survive without rain. Many people will die for lack of oxygen to breathe, plants will not blossom or survive. A lot of havoc will be wrecked on humanity but thanks to Chukwu, our supplier who knows what we need to survive and function effectively in life.
Rain calms the atmosphere, humans now feel very comfortable, cool headed and peaceful. This is why Dibịa Nwangwu Uchendu loves the rain, I bath, soak myself, run around while it is raining “okooko mmiri”, i say my intentions under the rain as Mgborie nwa mmiri. This act is very spiritual, powerful and evokes positivity into my life. I douse off negative energies during that moment. An ancient practice from time to time by our good ancestors. The scent of rain gives me deep joy. Any rainy day is gratefully accepted by me as long as I am home, after dancing in the rain, I climb my bed to read or write as it inspires me with its natural and romantic sound track lol. As a lover of rain call me a “pluviophile”.
Rain brings goodness, good luck, peace, love, favour, good friends especially when one is at peace with their marine family and other people. Nothing like lack in your life as long as you always remember “ndị ette obi gị ji ụgbọ eje”.
Spirituality Of Rain
1. Rain is sacred.
2. Rain is divine.
3. Rain is abundance.
4. Rain heals.
5. Rain protects.
6. Rain cleanses and purifies.
7. Rain is life.
8. Rain sanctifies and removes negative energies.
9. Rain gives inspiration.
10. Rain blesses and prospers.
11. It is a bondage breaker.
12. It has psychic powers.
Spiritual Uses Of Rain Water.
1. It is used for cleansing divination tools, washing face, eyes and head to enhance psychic abilities.
2. It is used for breaking spiritual bondage.
3. When the first rain of the year is collected, it has ability to cure a variety of illnesses ie mental illness, energizes one’s spiritual life and health when bathed.
4. It is used for purification purposes for weekly /monthly spiritual activities in your life, business, shops, homes and new apartments.
5. Rain water is used for herbal decoction.
6. It is used for spiritual ritual baths or sprinkled on the body for self protection.
7. If you are always afraid get rain water in a white bottle, add 4 white rocks and say your intentions over it. Drink first thing in the morning and you will become bold and courageous spiritually and physically.
8. Rain water is used to open up positive energies of spiritual guides and the ancestors as it clears one’s aura and the air.
9. Negative energies are removed and banished using rain water.
10. Rain water is used for benediction of individuals, families, buildings etc some herbs like Cinnamon, Bay leaf, Thyme, Rosemary, Basil, Cloves can be added for protection, favour among others.
11. If you are water element, keeping a bowl or glass of water around enhances and connects you to your powers and marine family.
12. Rain water promotes good dreams especially when carefully and hygienically collected, then drink first or last thing at night.
13. It is an barrier breaker.
13. It is used to attract love, favour and blessings.
14. If you need blessings, beautiful positive energy, be friends with rain, while its raining and swallow some whilst it gushes down directly on you.
15. Rain water is used for separation or restoration spiritual works.
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