Stop Uysk Or Be Stopped – Ex–Boxing Champ Oboh Tells Joshua
Peter Oboh, ex-British and Commonwealth Light Heavyweight boxing champion has charged Anthony Joshua regarding his matchup with Oleksandr Usyk; He says that Anthony Joshua Should find a way to emerge victorious by all means in their match this evening hosted geld at Saudi Arabia. as ‘someone must fall or be stopped; I hope it will not be Anthony Joshua.’ he said.
Realistically speaking, he stated, the initial winner typically prevails again in rematches in boxing history due to the confidence factor.
Former WBA Light Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Oboh, who is now a preacher, said: ‘To be historical, all that Usyk has achieve in the sport of boxing, Joshua has achieved as well.’
‘A gold medal in the Olympics? Joshua did as well. Winning multiple world titles in his boxing category, Joshua did as well.’
‘All that the current WBA, IBF and the WBO heavyweight champion, Oleksandr Usyk, has achieved in the world of boxing, Anthony Joshua did as well even in the bigger weight category.’
’This shows that Joshua is meant to have a natural edge over Usyk because of strength factors.’
‘There are just two edges Usyk may have over Joshua in this fight. One, Usyk has not been beaten before by any professional boxer.’
‘Two, if Joshua decides to come in the ring the way Joshua he did in their last fight with zero confidence, Joshua will get stopped this time.’
‘But if Joshua recovers himself and be in his old form, he may stop Usyk in the 7th or 8th round in this their upcoming fight this evening,’ he further said.
The returning fight between Anthony Joshua and Usyk will be a very tough one, as both Boxers who have garnered a considerable amount of experience would face each other; however, is difficult to predict who is going to emerge victorious in the matchup tonight.

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