The Negative Effects Of Abortion On Destiny

If you have ever supported abortion by giving, prescribing, and lending money to someone to buy drugs in other to terminate any pregnancy, you are guilty! Did you ever escort anyone to a clinic (male or female) for the termination of any foetus? Did you in your life advise your patient as a doctor, nurse, or midwife to get rid of the pregnancy? This include giving out phone numbers of doctors with the intention to flush out unwanted pregnancy! Do you engage in varying sexual activities and later take preventive measures to avoid getting pregnant? Consequently, all instances given are majorly the cause of many problems in people’s lives. Nne Ani Dị Asọ is totally against this wicked act. There are instances men who deny having knowledge of such atrocious acts committed on their behalf, are baffled at the length women go to remove unwanted fœtus without their consent.

A woman will massage your ego and the man gets carried away, enough to give her money for shopping, not having any knowledge of where she is heading to. She goes to the doctor behind her lover’s or husband’s back to commit abortion. This evil deed will equally haunt and affect such men spiritually, if he is aware or not. The punishment must come from Mother-Earth, Ndị Ichie, Chi, Ndị Mmiri, Akwali Ọmụmụ among others. Once afa reveals one has bloodied hands “aka ọbala” (Abortion), cleansing is very important. Deep cleansing is topmost priority. This is the first spiritual work to do before any other works else non of your spiritual guides will accept anything from the person. It is best described as a spiritual exercise in futility. Abortion is bad. It is not an act of civilization. It means the person who does that is a killer. One of cause of stagnation, retrogression, failure at the edge of breakthrough and a whole lot of negatives. Abortion can wreck one’s life and leave it in shambles, almost beyond repair. It is the major factor why spiritual works never works for the offender. No matter the number of Dibịas you contract to do spiritual works for you. Ọdịnanị says strive to live a sacred and holy life.

Abortion has cost so many people their destiny because the evil ones used that source to access your spiritual file. Men and women who engage in this randomly should desist, together they need to be cleansed spiritually. If not, several opportunities in life will be lost. Several doors to blessings will be shut against the persons involved. Some people will say is it not ordinary unwanted pregnancy? Can I not use condoms? What is the essence of using postinor 2? Can I not use withdrawal methods among many other solutions given to mankind to prevent their women taking in. The answer is, one is meant to enjoy every form of intimacy within marriage like Igbo society had it going for their community during precolonial era. Many men and women do not know, the abortions carried out during their dating period, was the cause of having just one child. Some ended up not conceiving at all. Problems of infertility, impotency, arise due to abortions. It is a huge crime and offence in the spiritual realm. Western Ideology aside, we are a spiritual tribe and can never be like the imperialists despite what we allude as civilization.

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Get married, have all the sex and babies you need than to abort all babies in your womb under the guise of removal of unwanted pregnancy. Desist and chose to abstain, zip up, engage in honest activities like learning new set of skills, make friends with the opposite sex and keep it pure. Fasting, meditation, gainful employment, and charity work will help keep your raging hormones under control. If these activities fail to guide your life and somehow you engage in willfully abortions, then know you can only be free when you appease your spiritual guides and be set free from the imprisonment of Ajani Ndị Ichie, Akwali Ọmụmụ.

A deep spiritual cleansing ritual must be carried out by Dibịa Ajani to restore what was destroyed in one’s life and destiny accompanied with a solemn promise not to engage in such anyone. I think this is one of the reasons polygamous marriages largely take place in Igbo land. Ọmụmụ is not joked with hence Akwali is involved. Many dibias marry more than one wife to avoid engaging in abortions. This act is capable of disconnecting them from their spiritual guides and cause great havoc to happen in their lives. The ones who do not have the divine mandate to answer their call, fall in same category. The universe does not respect or applaud the such abominable act.


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