New York Learning Hub Free Scholarship for Emekuku Youth
It is not every day that an institution of higher learning with such pedigree and prestige as the New York Learning Hub sets about giving post-graduate scholarships to higher education hopefuls. All over the world, education comes at a premium and this explains why only people who have a strong belief in humanity invest in it because it is the best gift one could give in life. 
The New York Learning Hub is an institution of higher learning which was founded by popular literary guru and media mogul, Prof. MarkAnthony Nze. The highly acclaimed citadel of learning and currently has Mr. Nwamara as the person in charge of business development at the school. Interestingly, both men who are widely accomplished are from the illustrious town of Emekuku in Imo state. Right there in the United States, they have been able to put together a team of outstanding personnel, whose target is just to ensure that high-quality education remains the trademark of the institution both now and many years after they are done serving humanity on earth.
The school was birthed with the purpose of fulfilling the educational needs and desires of the many education-loving people, especially those from Nigeria who truly desire to expand the horizon of their knowledge to ascertain that they are not left behind as the world advances.
They understood from the very beginning that it is one thing to acquire knowledge and it is another thing to acquire quality knowledge from a recognised institution. The New York Learning Hub is an institution licenced and registered by the New York Department of State which gives it the leverage to exist at the level with which it operates. The school is also affiliated to Apsely Business School, London which gives its students a very big edge if they want to advance their knowledge bank beyond the programmes offered in the school.
The New York Learning Hub offers courses across eight faculties. They offer recognition of prior learning, that is to say, experiences got from other recognised institutions are acknowledged, they also offer blended learning opportunities which make it possible to study and earn your degree both on campus as well as online.
At New York learning Hub, you will not only get to acquire quality education, you will also get higher learning from a truly prestigious institution of learning at an affordable rate. This is so because the founders of the institution are more concerned about ensuring that the opportunity to acquire knowledge is made available to all and sundry.
That is not the most interesting part, the most interesting part is that there is an ongoing scholarship scheme available to all indigenes of Emekuku in Imo state, the hometown of the founder of the high flying institution. The scholarship is 100 percent free for all indigenes of Emekuku who have either a higher national diploma (HND) or a Bachelors degree. The scholarship is centred on five different areas of study. These areas of interest are;
Health and social care management: PGD, Master’s and doctorate.
Strategic management and leadership: from PGD to Doctorate
International business law – PGD
Media management and practice – PGD
Electrical/ Electronics Engineering – PGD
Are you from Emekuku? Do you have a first degree? if you answered yes, then you have now gained every right to apply for this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
All you have to do is fill out this form via:

It will interest you to know that the Deadline for this application is on January 15, 2023. Good luck to all the applicants.


Africa Today News, New York


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