‘Shanty Town’ I Didn’t Brush, Bath For Days— Chidi Mokeme

The Nigerian actor, Chidi Mokeme has recounted how he was able to interpret his part in the six-part television series ‘Shanty Town’ which is presently trending in the country. 

The series tells the tale of a gang of prostitutes, who want to free themselves from the influence of a notorious kingpin but quickly learn that doing so will be very challenging due to political corruption and family ties.

Mokeme has proceeded to win the hearts of many fans and garner a wealth of awards with his portrayal of the kingpin Scar.

The actor claimed, in a BBC Pidgin interview on Thursday which was monitored by Africa Today News, New York, that he had to undergo drastic physique changes in order to play his part.

He said, ‘Some of the body modifications I did to enter into the character of Scar was to shave off my hair and go bald. I also did not take my bath for a few days before going on set so that when they say I should do something dirty, I can do it freely because I know I am not clean.’

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He further added; ‘Sometimes I don’t brush my teeth and when I open my mouth to talk to people, they wonder what kind of a person I am.

‘I don’t smoke but I had to smoke about three packets per day to make my voice sound the way it did in the series.’

Mokeme also revealed that he is finding it difficult to separate himself from the character Scar.

‘The character and I have become one and it will take some time before we can let each other go,‘ he said.

‘Scar and I are struggling with each other on who owns my body. I told Scar that I’m through and that he can go but if I can be allowed to, I will remain as Scar.’

Africa Today News, New York reports that ‘Shanty Town’ is Mokeme’s comeback movie after a long hiatus due to a battle with Bell’s Palsy.

Africa Today News, New York

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