Your Days Of Sorrows Almost Over – Muoka Assures Nigerians

The General Overseer of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries (TLCCRM), Pastor Lazarus Muoka has admonished Nigerians not to exercise fears, as their sorrows will turn to joy soon even as he is set to hold the 2023 two–day annual power-packed international crusade on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th February 2023. 

Africa Today News, New York reports that the interdenominational programme titled: From Sorrow to Joy, will take place at the Chosen Revival Ground, along Oshodi-Apapa Expressway, by Ijesha, Bus Stop, Lagos at 8am daily,

Muoka said the programme is expected to help participants and entire Nigerians to shed off the baggages of sorrow which were carried over from the past years.

In a statement issued by the Public Relations Officer of the Church, Pastor Louis Chidi, Muoka revealed that the crusade will also bring forth a spiritual elixir of complete joy in the lives of not only the participants, but that of Nigerians this year.

He noted that through the programme, the traces of sorrow that have contributed to the cause of emotional, political, and social stresses, will no more be seen. ‘Yokes shall be broken; diseases shall be cured, sicknesses shall be healed and the afflicted shall be delivered. Above all, God shall release the dew of unspeakable blessing upon everyone, and all sorrows shall be turned to joy.’

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Muoka assured that no participant shall go home empty-handed because God Almighty who has seen the hopelessness Nigerians are subjected to and has scheduled the crusade to turn all their sorrows into joy. ‘Assuredly, there shall be a rain of blessing of joy. It does not matter the nature of sorrow someone is experiencing or how long the person has been in that sorrowful situation or who is behind it, the assurance is that God has set aside the two days to intervene in the affairs of His people, as He did in the bible days.

‘He will in the two days, arise even in the political, security, and economic circumstances of Nigeria and douse the tension that has hitherto enveloped the horizon of the country.’

According to the cleric, at the end of the crusade, all satanic-induced tension that constituted sorrow shall be no more. ‘I want to let you know that it is never the will of God that the nation should be under the present economic, social and political turmoil that have bedeviled it. But, through this program, God’s intervention will bring about our deliverance.

Africa Today News, New York

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