Putin Makes Case For Multipolar World Order

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin has asserted that the struggle for a multipolar world, where everyone’s interests in the international arena are respected, would prevail.

Putin made this known in an interview yesterday while speaking to reporters.

‘And in the end, this position – the fight for a multipolar world, for respect for everyone in the international arena, for taking everyone’s interests into account – it will prevail, I have no doubt about that,’ Putin said.

The president noted that Russia was not opposed to changes in the world, including a reform of the United Nations, but Moscow was against ‘the new world order being built only in the interest of one country, namely, the United States.’

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‘We understand that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the situation in the world is changing, and new centers of power are emerging. Naturally, this should have an impact on the structure and priorities of the way international relations are built,’ Putin said.

The president added that attempts by Western powers to change the world solely to suit their own interests after the collapse of the Soviet Union resulted in Russia being ‘forced to respond to it.’

The Russian authorities have repeatedly called for a multipolar world with many centres of power that would take into account the interests of all nations, condemning the U.S. policy of global hegemony.

Recall that Putin on Thursday declared his plans to unleash a ‘decisive response’ to any country that does anything to threaten Russia while also lashing out against Germany for promising tanks for Kyiv.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine had earlier warned that the Kremlin was consolidating its forces for a fresh offensive.

Zelenskyy was speaking in Kyiv beside EU chief Ursula von der Leyen, who said the bloc was looking to finalise fresh sanctions against Russia by February 24, exactly one year after Putin ordered troops into Ukraine.

In the southern Russian city of Volgograd, Putin said: ‘It’s unbelievable but true. We are again being threatened by German Leopard tanks.’

He was speaking at a ceremony commemorating the Red Army’s victory against Nazi troops 80 years ago in Stalingrad, as the city was then known.

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