The Health Implications Of Skin Bleaching

One of the things that humans should learn is the importance of investing in their brains than the vanities of their bodies. This is not in any way suggestive of the claim that it’s a bad idea to take care of one’s body.

The beauty of investing in the brain is because it helps in processing and evaluating anything that the body needs. This will give you a perfect match on what to wear and apply on the body. The brain being the main thing that differentiates human from the rest of the Eternal Creator’s creatures, and as such, we are expected to make use of it so that we can function well in all ramifications of human endeavours.

National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control in Nigeria (NAFDAC) Professor Mojisola Adeyeye, she raised an alarm on the menace of skin bleaching or commonly known as lightening creams in Nigeria, positing that the problem has become a national emergency that calls for serious attention.

Prof. Adeyeye, further posited that in 2018, the World Health Organization revealed that the use of skin bleaching cream is prevalent among the 77% of Nigerian women, which is the highest In Africa compared to 59% in Togo, 35% in South Africa while Senegal had 27%. These scary statistics have shown that the menace of bleaching creams in Nigeria has become national health emergency that requires a multi-faceted regulatory approach.

In 2022, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Mr Boss Mustapha wrote to NAFDAC stressing the need to take stringent regulatory actions against the rampant cases of some Nigerians using bleaching creams.

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Apparently, people who are involved in the lightening of their skins don’t know the damage it could cause to their bodies. Skin bleaching can lead to dangerous health issues. A little enhanced self-esteem for the sake of beautification is not worth the risk of bleaching your skin.

According to bleaching your skin increases the risk of mercury poisoning. Some bleaching creams contain mercury,which is proven to cause lung and kidney damage with prolong exposure.

Other things that bleaching creams cause include the following: high blood pressure, fatigue, high sensitivity, Numbness, Neurologic symptoms including tremor, memory loss, and irritability, kidney failure, lung damage, greater risk of developing skin cares.

The truth is that a lot of people that produce these bleaching creams don’t know much about pigments that are used in the productions of these creams. Which laboratories do they have to ensure that these chemicals are not harmful to the body? To some, they believe that when you bleach, you become beautiful and the attraction will be more.

Sadly, in reality, what actually makes people to bleach their skins is because of low self-esteem. Whatever might be reason, it doesn’t worth it, because you’re just digging your grave on time without knowing.

This is a plea on all concerned to stop bleaching their skins, because you’re destroying your self. Anyone that tells you to bleach your beautiful skin is not doing you any good.

It is pertinent that the Black race understands that, our people are being socially engineered. Many have been manipulated and brainwashed for them to believe that bleaching makes them beautiful not knowing is social engineering. Please embrace your complexion, that’s the best you can ever have as regards the lush and sheen of your skin. Be proud of your skin and don’t feel inferior, because you have a Black skin.

Black skin is the foundation of beauty, and Mother Earth has metamorphosed it as the international space station.

By Enyi Nnamdi Emmanuel

Africa Today News, New York

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