Follow Adeleke's Sports Policy Or Leave - Dep Gov To Coaches

Deputy Governor of Osun State, Kola Adewusi, has encouraged staff members working in both the state’s sports council and the Ministry of Sports to work together harmoniously in order to achieve Governor Ademola Adeleke‘s ambitious plans for the sports sector or consider stepping aside.

He also made it clear that he is willing to make difficult decisions to promote sports development in the state, indicating that preparations are being made to form a sports commission tasked with fulfilling the governor’s objectives.

Speaking to the press at the Governor’s office Executive Council lounge during the weekend, the deputy governor, who concurrently serves as the Sports Commissioner, affirmed the administration’s commitment to regularise contract coaches who have been dedicated to the state’s service, in order to harness their talents to the fullest.

His words: ‘I will try as much as possible to caution myself now not to look like a dictator, but I will step on toes and hurt some people terribly when the time comes. I will not hesitate to do that because we need to call a spade a spade at times so that people will know that what they are doing is absolutely wrong.’

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‘We need to regularise the contract coaches, to ensure they are properly employed. I had to stop the idea that a person is singled out of about 30 or 40 for interview, it is wrong!’

‘I do not fear death, I am not afraid of being killed over revitalization of the sports sector in Osun State.’

‘We are looking at remuneration that is been paid in Oyo, Lagos, Delta, we might not be able to match them but we are trying to reach about 70 percent of that’.

He also shared that, within the remaining days of this month, the state government will launch a committee dedicated to the establishment of a Sports Commission, with the overarching aim of revitalising the state’s sporting excellence.

‘A committee that will work for establishment of Sports Commission will be inaugurated before the end of the month, I have the names of all member already, they are respected members like Felix Owolabi, Ademola Adeshina among others. They will proffer solutions to challenges we are facing in sport across all the games.’

‘Everyone must sit tight as the state government would no longer condone corruption that has permeate sports in the state anymore’, he added.

Africa Today News, New York

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