Suspect In Maine Mass Shooting Case Found Dead At Scene

Police have disclosed that the individual thought to be responsible for the deaths of 18 people in a Maine shooting has been found deceased after a three-day pursuit, as reported.

Maine Commissioner of Public Safety Michael Sauschuck reported that 40-year-old Robert Card was found dead, with initial findings pointing towards a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The information surfaced a few hours subsequent to the police’s removal of the stay-at-home instruction in the ordinarily peaceful locality.

Included in the fatalities are a grandfather, a talented young bowler, and four members of the local deaf community, whose ages ranged from 14 to 76.

The revelation on Saturday indicated that three individuals injured in the shooting are currently in critical condition and receiving urgent medical attention.

‘The suspect in Wednesday night’s shootings has been located and is deceased,: the Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook.

At a news conference at Lewiston City Hall, Maine Governor Janet Mills said the body was found in Lisbon, near where the shooting happened.

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‘I’m breathing a sigh of relief tonight knowing that Robert Card will not be a threat to anyone,’ she said.

The community, as stated by Gov Mills, would embark on “a prolonged and demanding process of healing” with the discovery of the suspect’s body.

Lewiston Police Chief David St Pierre expressed his “elation” at the news, but said that “our task is not yet complete.”

‘We’re gonna grieve for the families that lost loved ones, were gonna continue to work, we’re gonna persevere and we’re gonna become better people for it,’ he continued.

The body, according to Commissioner Sauschuck, was discovered at 19:45 local time (23:45 GMT) on Friday near a river in Lisbon Falls. During a later news briefing on Saturday, officials revealed that Robert Card’s body had been found in the town of Lisbon, near a recycling center that had previously been searched twice by the police.

Commissioner Sauschuk revealed that the body had been found in the center’s overflow parking area, which had not been searched previously. Multiple firearms, including a long gun, were recovered at the scene. Officials affirmed that the suspect had obtained the firearms just days before the assault.

It was further revealed that he had a history of undergoing mental health evaluations – although Commissioner Sauschuck made it clear that he had never been forcefully institutionalized for treatment. Furthermore, a handwritten note was located at the suspect’s residence.

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