Reps Pledges Support For Army's Security Efforts

The House of Representatives Committee on Army has affirmed its dedication to elevating the Nigerian Army‘s capabilities in addressing the nation’s security challenges.

Hon. Abdullahi Mamudu, the Chairman, made this statement during the Committee’s inauguration on Tuesday.

He pointed out that the Committee’s role is a commitment to the Nigerian populace and encouraged members to work harmoniously to achieve the desired outcomes.

He disclosed that the Committee has established a four-year strategic plan, designed to be meticulously adhered to for the successful accomplishment of its mission.

‘Let us take this responsibility with all seriousness and know that it is our duty to put the Nigerian Army on a proper pedestal to be able to end the several challenges we have been having in terms of insecurity in the country.’

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‘The House Committee on Army is one the Standing Committees of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly by virtue of the power conferred in Section 62 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended and Order XVIII B Rule 131, Ninth Edition, Standing Order of the House of Representatives, 2016.’

‘This Order XVIII rule 131 which established the Army Standing committee gives it the oversight mandate on the activities of the Nigerian Army, and may also by specific mandate of the House engage on any matter as directed.’

‘The committee oversight mandate includes: a.The Nigerian Army; b.Ammunition Depots, Forts, Arsenal, reservations and establishments c.Development projects of the Nigerian Army; d. Army Barracks, Landed property and appurtenances; ande.Annual Budget estimates of the Army.’

He stated that the committee’s role extends to monitoring the Nigerian Army’s recruitment process.

‘The Legislature is the only institution that distinguishes democracy from other forms of government. In most democracies, the Military and the Parliaments have been working together, that is what we also hope to achieve. The committee has a secretariat headed by a Clerk of committee who is expected to discharge his duties with diligence, loyalty and unalloyed dedication to committee assignments,’ Mamudu said.

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