Peller To Tinubu: Improve Living Conditions For Nigerians

Shina Peller, a one-time House of Representatives member, urges President Bola Tinubu to implement initiatives aimed at enhancing the well-being of Nigerians.

As he makes his plea, protests have erupted in different parts of the country, fueled by the pervasive hardships and the mounting expenses of everyday life.

On Monday, a gathering of women seized control of the Minna-Bida Road around the famed Kpakungu Roundabout in Niger State, urging government action to tackle the prevailing hardships.

Following suit, Kano residents converged on the Katsina-Kano Road on Thursday to voice their dissatisfaction with the soaring cost of living in the country.

On Friday, Peller issued a statement, urging the President to take steps to alleviate the hardships experienced by the citizens.

In his advice to Tinubu, the focus was on creating an enabling business environment and effectively addressing the challenge of food insecurity within the country.

To tackle food insecurity, Peller urged the President to prioritize the well-being and safety of farmers.

The statement partly read, “You should always remember that the masses have entrusted you with a leadership position, it is your priority to lessen their problems and make life easier for them, and not the other way round.

“Though leading a diverse country like Nigeria may not be that easy, you must rise to the challenge and rekindle the hope of the masses as promised by the Renewed Hope administration.

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“Importantly, the government must focus on enhancing the farming business because food security is as important as the security of lives and others.

“To achieve this, the government must ensure the well-being and safety of our farmers. If we are able to give the farmers and masses at large a secure and conducive environment to thrive, we will achieve a more peaceful Nigeria devoid of ethnic, religious and political crises.”

He, however, commended the Super Eagles for their performance in the ongoing African Cup of Nation.

Peller called on governments at every level to capitalize on the existing momentum, making decisions and policies that will further strengthen and unify the population.

“I congratulate all Nigerians for getting to the final of AFCON, and I’m very confident that the Naija spirit will lead us to winning the final match and lifting the cup.

“Therefore, I’m using this opportunity to call on the government at all levels to leverage this momentum to make decisions and policies that will further strengthen and unite us as a nation,” the statement added.

Africa Today News, New York

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