Africa Digital News Print Debut Excites Nigerians

Amidst the backdrop of a digital age, the maiden print edition of Africa Digital News, a venture by People & Polity Inc., New York, heralds a renaissance of reading culture across Nigeria. Professor MarkAnthony Nze, at the helm as Editor-in-Chief, orchestrates this pioneering shift from online to print. With an established six-year pedigree in digital journalism, the publication now ventures into print, offering 20,000 free copies as an inaugural gesture to Nigerians nationwide, championing accessible and insightful journalism.

The publication, which has captivated an online audience with its principled storytelling and in-depth analysis, is Professor Nze’s brainchild. An academic and conscious journalist, his mission transcends beyond news; it’s a crusade to reignite a passion for reading amidst economic trials that render print media a forgotten luxury. This free distribution is a strategic strike against the decline, aiming to stoke the intellectual fires across the 36 states of Nigeria and, imminently, the broader African continent.

Inquiries into the economic feasibility of such a model were met with Professor Nze’s vision of an initiative not measured by profits but valued on the scale of cultural enrichment and truth dissemination. The goal is grand yet grounded – to restore reading’s allure, to disseminate knowledge, to weave narratives that resonate with truth and foster enlightenment.

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The financial backbone supporting this bold initiative is set to draw from future advertising and corporate partnerships, aligning with entities that share the publication’s ethos. It’s a forward-looking approach, anchoring the magazine’s longevity to the shared values of integrity and excellence.

Nigeria buzzes with anticipation for the tangible touch of the Africa Digital News print edition. It’s more than paper and ink; it’s a symbol of knowledge resurgence, a testament to the enduring power of the written word. The magazine emerges not only as a bearer of news but as a beacon of hope, illuminating paths to informed discourse and enlightened thought.

Thursday morning will unveil the complete narrative of Africa Digital News’ remarkable pivot to print, detailing its ethos, vision, and unwavering commitment to truth in journalism.

Join us on this journey, where insight is the currency and integrity guides the press. Embrace the dawn of Africa Digital News in print – where every free copy is an investment in knowledge.

Africa Today News, New York

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