Two Commissioners, 50 Advisers Approved By Kogi Assembly

The halls of governance in Kogi State witnessed a noteworthy moment as the House of Assembly accorded its seal of approval to two distinguished nominees handpicked by Governor Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo. 

Tasked with overseeing crucial portfolios, these commissioners-elect bring with them a wealth of expertise and a steadfast commitment to driving progress and prosperity across the state.

Tuesday’s house plenary in Lokoja witnessed a pivotal moment as the Assembly officially ratified the governor’s commissioner nominees, cementing their roles in shaping the state’s future.

Among the select few confirmed as commissioner nominees, Dr. Adeniyi Helen Aderibigbe stands as an advocate for Ijumu, while Atuluku Levi Victor assumes responsibility for representing the interests of Omala State Constituency, underscoring the state’s dedication to equitable governance and community-driven decision-making.

Addressing the press in the aftermath of her confirmation on Tuesday, Aderibigbe assured journalists of her unwavering commitment to fulfilling the campaign pledges of the current administration, pledging to dedicate her utmost efforts to serve the people diligently.

Aderibigbe reiterated her commitment to making Kogi State and Nigeria proud through hard work and diligence in her duties.

She stated, “As the name of my ministry implies innovation, so the first thing to be brought in is innovation. We will review what is on the ground. It is a new ministry, but is not a strange ministry.

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“There has been precedent as it regards the ministry. We will study what is on the ground, take our review, and see areas where improvement has to be made. If there is a need for change, we will change. If there is a need for restructuring we will restructure.

“That is the innovation aspect of it, which will encourage the scientific approach to almost every issue that is on the ground. We will study every problem on the ground, and then we devise means of providing solutions for the problem. For us, this is the technological aspect of it. I want to see Kogi State that other State will be emulating in terms of technological improvement,” she added.

With an eye towards strengthening governance effectiveness, the Assembly endorsed the deployment of 50 special advisers, tasked with providing strategic guidance and support to the Kogi state government.

Africa Today News, New York 

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