BVN, NIN: Catholic Church Urges FG To Work With Patience

The Catholic Archdiocese of Ibadan has called upon the Federal Government (FG) to extend the deadline for bank customers to synchronize their Bank Verification Numbers (BVN) with their National Identification Numbers (NIN).

At a press briefing hosted by the archdiocese in Ibadan on Wednesday, Most Rev. Gabriel Abegunrin, the Archbishop of Ibadan, extended the plea to the government.

Bearing in mind that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) had specified March 1 as the deadline for this action, customers were warned of potential account suspension if they failed to adhere.

However, banks persist in facilitating the procedure, urging their clientele to take necessary action prior to the declaration of a revised deadline.

According to Abegunrin, extending the exercise is crucial in mitigating the challenges citizens experience while striving to conform to the regulation.

He suggested that the government focus on enhancing infrastructure to facilitate and expedite the exercise.

The archbishop noted that although the government’s intentions with the exercise may be noble, its execution has resulted in considerable distress and anxiety.

‘After the cashless policy and scarcity of naira in 2023, the banking sector must not be seen again as causing pain and stress to citizens who want to have easy access to their money.

‘Bearing in mind the economic hardship, we call on government at all levels to rise to the occasion.

‘Social welfare packages should be extended to all citizens; let funds allocated for the people be used for the purpose and not otherwise,’ he said.

The religious leader additionally urged the Oyo State authorities to prioritize comprehensive security measures, ensuring safety for every resident.

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He voiced his apprehension over the persistent trend of youth seeking better opportunities abroad due to the scarcity of jobs and challenging economic conditions.

Abegunrin pointed out that while the ‘japa’ phenomenon might offer short-term economic gains, it could ultimately result in brain drain and a decline in the population of society.

Following this, he urged governments at all levels to establish effective mechanisms aimed at creating employment opportunities for both young people and adults.

He highlighted that Catholics adhere to the principle of holistic education, which is why they have established schools aimed at molding leaders at both national and state levels.

‘The time has come for these schools to be returned; there’s no gainsaying that the church can do more with less resources – results from many Catholic schools throughout the nation lend credence to this,’ he said.

Abegunrin encouraged both Christians and Muslims partaking in the religious practice of fasting to utilize this period for praying earnestly for the well-being of the country and specifically for Oyo State.

‘If we all truly care for one another as true descendants of Abraham, our two religions will become effective instruments of peaceful coexistence and collaboration in the state.

‘We, therefore, call on other religions to continue to preach love and solidarity and enjoin their followers to shun hatred and dissension,’ Abegunrin said.

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