Plateau: Commissioner Affirms Dedication To SME Development

Ephraim Usman, the Commissioner responsible for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs in Plateau State, spoke confidently of Governor Caleb Mutfwang’s administration’s dedication to fostering the growth of small businesses through substantial support.

Usman delivered these insights while giving a keynote address at a gathering of entrepreneurs and stakeholders convened in Jos, the state capital, on Saturday.

He noted that the state government had already invested significant effort in accurately profiling businesses and community-based organizations, aiming to establish a comprehensive database for government interventions and other beneficial purposes.

Furthermore, he underscored the state government’s dedication to minimizing business risks by investing in firefighting equipment, expanding market spaces and parking areas, and implementing a smart tax system aimed at simplifying payments and enhancing flexibility for taxpayers.

The commissioner said, “In Plateau State, the relevance of small and medium enterprises for the growth and development of our people especially from the community and/or rural areas is of utmost concern to the governor.

“It is thus the priority of the government to address poverty, unemployment and social vices amongst the population through constructive re-engineering of the state’s economy.

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“Infrastructure that supports small and medium businesses are being fixed, conflicts that hitherto threatened businesses including agro-sector enterprises are being addressed, while major re-organisations in the transportation and entrepreneurship sectors are becoming part of key indicators in the policy direction of the government in addressing socio-economic challenges of the people in the state.

“The government is aware that there are under-represented and marginalised entrepreneurs across the 17 local governments. These are vulnerable groups such as women, minorities and individuals from low-income backgrounds who are involved in one small business to the other.

“But one of the questions that this engagement and discussions must address is: how can we establish alliances with community organisations and non-profits to support the under-represented and marginalised entrepreneurs on the Plateau?”

The commissioner added that “as a government, we are poised via the seven-point agenda of H.E., the governor to address the challenges associated with the business environment and focus towards improving ease of doing businesses on the Plateau.”

Furthermore, he encouraged small business proprietors to unite and establish alliances or cooperatives to streamline their access to government assistance programs.

Africa Today News, New York

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