Brazil Clash: Carvajal Defends Spain's Anti-Racist Stance

Dani Carvajal of Spain took to the forefront on Monday to affirm his country’s stance against racism, particularly timely as they geared up for a friendly match against Brazil, aimed at supporting the ongoing battle against racial prejudice.

Vinicius Junior, the talented forward for Real Madrid and Brazil, has been subjected to racial abuse multiple times in recent years, with a particularly shocking incident taking place in Valencia in May, prompting widespread indignation across the globe.

Spain organized a friendly match against Vinicius’ Brazil at the Santiago Bernabeu on Tuesday, adopting the slogan “One Skin” in a concerted effort to combat racism.

“I don’t think Spain is a racist country,” Carvajal, a team-mate of Vinicius’ at Madrid told a news conference.

“We have a very high level of integration, I come from a humble neighbourhood, Leganes, and grew up with boys of all types of nationalities.

“I have a lot of friends with different colour skin.”

According to Carvajal, he interpreted fans hurling racist remarks at players as releasing their frustrations in an “ugly” manner directed at athletes.

“Sadly there are people who go to football it seems to let loose all their rage, their anger,” he continued.

“When it seems that it hurts someone, they do it more and it’s a pity.

“Those type of people should not be allowed into stadiums because it’s the ugliest thing that exists in sport.”

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The 23-year-old winger, Vinicius, has been a target of racial abuse at multiple stadiums across Spain. He recently condemned Atletico Madrid fans for their racist chants aimed at him ahead of their Champions League clash against Inter Milan earlier in March.

“It’s a sad reality that happens even during matches where I am not present,” said Vinicius on social media platform X.

Carlo Ancelotti, the coach of Real Madrid, acknowledged in November that Vinicius had unfortunately become accustomed to encountering racism in Spain. If he is chosen to start against Brazil, right-back Carvajal is anticipated to directly match up against Vinicius.

“Against a player of that quality it’s hard to have a clear plan because in the end he is capable of overwhelming anyone,” added Carvajal.

“We have to try and close him down, not give him space and having help with that will be the key.”

Last Friday, Spain suffered a 1-0 defeat against Colombia in a friendly match, marking a setback in their preparations for Euro 2024.

Coach Luis de la Fuente highlighted the importance of the Brazil match, even though it doesn’t count towards competitive standings.

“It’s the 10th match Spain have played against Brazil in the history of Spanish football, so it’s very important,” he said.

He mentioned that when playing a team like Brazil, there’s an increase in focus, tension, and people-watching.

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