Emerald Awards: Excellence Is A Priority – Old Mutual Nigeria

Old Mutual Nigeria, a branch of Old Mutual Limited, has restated its commitment to prioritizing excellence and innovation in its activities and recognizing exceptional employees, a tradition upheld since its inception.

Reaffirming its commitment to fostering financial inclusion and prosperity for all Nigerians, the corporation stressed its dedication to leveraging strategic alliances, community involvement programs, and ongoing advancements in technology and innovation to broaden its influence and effect positive transformation, thereby significantly enhancing the lives of countless individuals.

During its inaugural Emerald Awards ceremony, an internal program designed to acknowledge excellence within the organization and honor notable accomplishments in diverse sectors, Olusegun Omosehin, the Managing Director of Old Mutual Nigeria Life Assurance Company, emphasized that celebrating excellence goes beyond mere recognition of achievements; it serves as a catalyst for inspiring individuals to strive for a better future.

Omosehin reiterated that the Old Mutual Emerald Awards symbolize the company’s dedication to fostering innovation and enabling individuals to carve out a future where limitless success awaits.

‘Among this year’s winners are Ayodele Olufemi and Charles Momoh, recognised as the Top Sales Performers of the Year for exceeding their performance targets.

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‘The distinction of this duo as the Top Sales Performer and Convention Winner in 2024, inspired everyone and reaffirmed Old Mutual’s commitment to empowering individuals and organisations to realise their aspirations’ he added.

Likewise, Mr. Olalekan Oyinlade, CEO of Old Mutual General Insurance Company, emphasized that honoring Ayodele, Momoh, and other victors underscores the core principles behind its Emerald Awards.

Oyinlade asserted that as they commend the winners’ outstanding performance, the company reiterates its steadfast dedication to nurturing a future where excellence is revered

‘From groundbreaking initiatives to transformative leadership, each award recipient embodies the spirit of excellence and innovation. Their resilience, ingenuity, and unwavering commitment are an inspiration to us all, igniting a passion for innovation that knows no bounds.

‘As we celebrate their achievements, let us also embrace the opportunities ahead, knowing that together, we can shape brighter, more prosperous years to come’ he asserted.

Africa Today News, New York

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