Lagos Deputy Police Commissioner's Death Confirm As Suicide

Gbolahan Oyedemi, a deputy commissioner of Police stationed at the Force Criminal and Investigation Department in Alagbon, Lagos State, reportedly took his own life at his residence in his native town of Oyo State.

Oyedemi, who once served as the Aide de Camp to the former governor of the state, Adebayo Alao-Akala, during his brief 11-month stint as de facto governor in 2006, was discovered lifeless, his body suspended.

According to an insider within the family circle, Oyedemi, known for his customary visits to his hometown during Easter, advised his aides last weekend to disperse to their hometowns and enjoy the holiday with their families.

‘Yes, he committed suicide. His body was found hanging in his house yesterday (Monday). He stays alone, and he normally comes home for Easter celebrations,’ the source said.

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‘This time, he told his aides to go and celebrate with their family members in their various homes. Only God knows what could have prompted him to commit suicide,’ the source added.

At the time of submitting this report, law enforcement officials have not issued any official statements regarding the demise of the deputy commissioner.

Meanwhile, Africa Today News, New York, earlier reported that the Nigerian Suicide Advocacy Alliance has pushed for the removal of legal penalties associated with suicide.

Prof. Taiwo Sheikh, a Consultant Psychiatrist, disclosed this information during the Nigeria Suicide Advocacy Group’s first-ever virtual assembly in Lagos, highlighting the importance of virtual platforms in disseminating crucial mental health insights.

Sheikh, also a faculty member at Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, stressed in a report by the News Agency of Nigeria that the key impediment to suicide prevention efforts stems from legislation that criminalizes suicide attempts.

Africa Today News, New York

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