Sunday Igboho Refutes Working For Politicians

Chief Sunday Igboho, a prominent figure in the Yoruba secessionist movement, rebuffs assertions of political ties, affirming his singular devotion to the Yoruba agenda.

Rejecting allegations of political collaboration, Igboho, via his spokesperson Olayomi Koiki, emphasizes the critical importance of wresting Yoruba lands from Fulani influence.

Pointing to the turmoil and displacement in Ekiti State, he emphasizes the immediate necessity for decisive action.

He said: “It is after we recover our farmlands from Fulani that we will know the next step.”
Reiterating his commitment to defending Yoruba territories and livelihoods, the agitator called for the release of an elderly man, Mr. Popoola Iyiola, who was arrested in Oyo State over clashes involving Fulani residents.

He urged the Commissioner of Police in Oyo State to release Mr. Iyiola promptly.

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The statement referenced mounting tensions in the Fiditi region of Ilora, accompanied by cautions specifically targeting Fulani inhabitants to depart from the area.

Expressing a pressing need, Igboho called on Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde to step in and urged Nigerian security forces to ensure order is maintained.

Moreover, Igboho urged his followers to adopt proactive approaches to combat Fulani herder assaults in the South-West region.

He stressed the necessity for harmony among the South-Western populace, proposing the formation of a regional security unit to defend their mutual interests.

Africa Today News, New York, reports that Igboho returned to Nigeria after spending three years in exile in the Republic of Benin.

According to a statement from Igboho’s spokesperson, Olayomi Koiki, it was confirmed that the Yoruba Nation campaigner had come back to the country to attend his mother’s burial ceremonies, planned for Igboho and Ibadan.

A video shared online showed Mr. Adeyemo acknowledging the residents of Igboho town with a wave as he arrived for the final funeral rites of his mother.

His mother passed away while he was detained in the Republic of Benin in the year 2023.

Africa Today News, New York

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