Kano Govt Bans Movies Promoting Cross-Dressing, Thuggery

The Kano State Censorship Board has issued strong directives banning movies that portray or promote cross-dressing and thuggery in the state in a bid to restore moral standards in the state. 

The executive secretary of the Board, Abba El-Mustapha, made this known yesterday when he met with the board’s management and stakeholders from Kannywood.

A statement issued by the board’s information officer, Abdullahi Sani Sulaiman, said the decision to ban such films was necessitated by public outcry, hence the need to address the production of films suspected to be promoting crimes and deviant behaviors among youths.

The statement which was obtained by Africa Today News, New York reports that also quoted Abba El-Mustapha to have stated that, “it is high time to fish out any film that may demoralize our customs, norms and values in the name of reaching popularity, viewers or business making.”

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El-Mustapha further explained that the Board has the power to ban, suspend or prohibit the production, distribution, sale or exhibition of any film, pornographic books or publications in the state.

He urged the general public to provide relevant information to the Board on any film or publication they believe is not in accordance with the law.

A fortnight ago, the Kano State’s Hisbah Board, responsible for Shariah policing, announced the arrest of a heavy truck driver and two individuals for smuggling over 24,000 bottles of beer into the state.

According to the board, the owner of the goods fled during the operation and unsuccessfully attempted to bribe its personnel, who firmly resisted.

Describing his ordeal, Malam Fu’ad Dorayi, the Acting Assistant Commander General of the Intelligent Crimes Dispatch unit of the board, explained the challenges encountered in dealing with the heavy truck driver before successfully apprehending him and two associates.

Africa Today News, New York

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