France Moves To Invest €3m In Nigeria’s Healthcare System

Mr. Jean Francois Hasperue who is the Head of the French Mission in Nigeria has declared that France has invested over €3 million in the Nigerian healthcare system over the last year. 

Hasperue made this disclosure at the embassy’s commemoration of the World Health Day in Abuja via a students’ breakfast debate featuring students of Lycée Francais Marcel Pagnol Abuja and medical doctor, Dr Andrew Marbell.

According to Hasperue, as the second largest contributor to the global health fund, France cares not just about healthcare in France and Europe but globally.

Africa Today News, News York understands that France’s investment in Nigerian healthcare in partnership with the Nigerian government, spans areas of humanitarianism and infrastructure.

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“We have a project for building and renovating hospitals in Oyo State. We have a mission to multiply this kind of project with the government to develop the network of health infrastructure.

“We have the mission to multiply this kind of project with the government to develop the network of health infrastructure. We also have private companies who are investing in health. We have a private company who has invested in medicine production in Nigeria.

“We try to mobilize our cooperation with the government, our private companies, and from the humanitarian angle or a broader approach to health in Nigeria.”

While acknowledging the Nigerian government’s interest in enhancing citizens’ access to healthcare, Hasperue said good health and security are requisite for a nation’s citizens and economy to thrive. “Once you have good health and a secure environment, with the creativity and energy of the Nigerian youth, you can do whatever you want.

In another report, the Federal Government has established a committee to oversee the implementation of the Cancer Health Fund.

Dr. Usman Aliyu, the Director-General of the National Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment, revealed this information during an engaging session hosted by NICRAT, in partnership with the International Society of Media on Public Health, held on Saturday in Abuja.

The Cancer Health Fund (CHF) is a program initiated by the Federal Ministry of Health with the objective of delivering cancer treatment services to underprivileged Nigerians and enhancing the nation’s cancer care capabilities.

Africa Today News, New York

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