Abuja Supermarket Faces Backlash For Alleged Racial Profiling

A controversial policy at an Abuja-based Chinese supermarket has ignited a firestorm of criticism; the “Chinese-Only” Policy  where Nigerians are being denied entry into the facility has attracted disapproval from various quarters.

The supermarket, located at the China General Chamber of Commerce, has been accused of enforcing a discriminatory policy that only allows individuals of Chinese descent to enter.

A video posted online showed a frustrated resident expressing disbelief at being denied entry which sparked widespread outrage.

According to the resident, it was unbelievable that the establishment offered a variety of international cuisine, including Chinese food and ramen, yet Nigerians were denied entry. The resident expressed outrage, stating that it seemed as though Chinese nationals enjoyed greater privileges than Nigerians in their own nation, which was a disturbing reality.

Social media users have shared similar experiences, with one user describing the policy as “absolutely horrible and absurd.” Another user, who was denied entry twice this year, said, “They told me they have stopped Nigerians from entering since January 2024. It’s nonsense!”

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When the press visited the supermarket, security personnel confirmed that the management had given the directive without providing reasons. The officer revealed that they had received instructions to deny entry to anyone who was not of Chinese descent, a stark contrast to the previous year when access was permitted. However, since January, a new policy had been implemented, resulting in the current exclusionary practice.

The supermarket’s attendants expressed shock that a Nigerian was allowed to gain entry, noting that “maybe they allowed you because you didn’t come with a car.” They stated that authorities stopped Nigerians from entering for unknown reasons.

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission has promised to investigate the allegations, but the supermarket’s management remains tight-lipped about the policy.

This incident has sparked a heated debate about discrimination and xenophobia in Nigeria, with many calling for an end to the “Chinese-only” policy. According to one user, it was hoped that Oga @YusufTuggar would take prompt action to resolve the issue, as Nigerians demanded respect, equality, and fairness in their own country, and his intervention was crucial in addressing this matter.

Africa Today News, New York 

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