Stop Projecting Nigerians As Uncivilized, Yul Tells Producers

Controversial Nollywood actor and entertainer, Yul Edochie has called on filmmakers in the country to desist from making movies that project Nigerians as clowns and uncivilized when they travel abroad.

He pointed out that movie producers are unknowingly tarnishing the image of the country with such storylines.

He advised them to rather tell stories where Nigerians travel abroad and proffer “traditional solutions to problems and become leaders over there.”

On his Instagram page, Edochie wrote: “I wish our producers will stop making films where Nigerians travel abroad, dey mumu. We sell ourselves short with such storylines.

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Oyibo people will never make a movie where a white man is foolish on African soil. Instead they’ll make the white man smarter than all the Africans in the movie.

“It’s intentional. They use movies to sell themselves as superheroes, while we use ours to run ourselves down.

“Let’s make movies where a Nigerian goes abroad and becomes the focal point for Oyibo people.

“He or she always walks with shoulders high, with so much pride and dignity. Always on Nigerian wears. And teaches Oyibo people beautiful things they never knew about us. Offers traditional solutions to problems and becomes a leader over there.

“Let’s sell ourselves as superheroes as well.”

In another report, veteran Nollywood Actor, Kanayo O Kanayo has voiced his reservations regarding the growing trend of Nigerian actors venturing into content creation on YouTube.

In a lengthy Instagram post which was sighted by Africa Today News, New York, the 62-year-old actor expressed disappointment at the shift in focus among some actors who have established their own YouTube channels, consequently reducing their involvement in acting for other producers.

Kanayo said it was “disappointing” that actors no longer prioritize the long-term success of Nollywood.

He also lamented the practice of his colleagues who demand exorbitant fees for one-day shoots, which often involve numerous scenes within a short period.

Africa Today News, New York

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