Nigeria, Benin Republic Eye Enhanced Economic Cooperation

The Federal Government of Nigeria and the Republic of Benin have joined forces to simplify cross-border trade, eliminating bottlenecks and creating new opportunities for businesses and individuals to flourish in the region.

On Tuesday, top officials from Nigeria and Benin Republic convened for high-level talks, culminating in a sweeping accord designed to propel economic collaboration and commerce between the neighboring countries to unprecedented heights.

At the behest of Presidents Bola Tinubu and Patrice Talon, a landmark meeting was held to explore new avenues of cooperation between Nigeria and Benin.

According to Minister Yusuf Tugar, the gathering was steered by a high-powered delegation of senior government officials from both countries, including the Foreign Affairs Ministers, to drive meaningful progress.

At the Segbana border post, a strategic hub between Nigeria and Benin, Foreign Affairs Minister Yusuf Tuggar launched a high-level consultative forum aimed at turbocharging economic cooperation and social interaction between the two nations, as directed by Presidents Bola Tinubu and Patrice Talon.

“The meeting at the Segbana border post in Benin Republic is aimed at bringing the border crossing between Tsamiya in Nigeria and Anguwar Sule Wara in Benin Republic back to life through infrastructural development in line with renewed hope agenda initiative of President Tinubu.

“The meeting is to strengthen social and economic interaction as well as expand trade and commerce between the citizens of the two nations,” he said.

“Further progress had been made on strengthening relations between the two sister”s West African nations”

In his remarks, the Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Customs Service, Bashir Adewale-Adeniyi, stated that the meeting aimed to advance regional integration between the two countries as initiated by their Presidents.

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“For the past six months, the Nigeria Customs Service has been working together with the Customs Service of Benin Republic towards bringing the economies of both nations closer together through easy border crossing and bringing back to life the border post at Tsamiya and Anguwar Sule Wara.

“One of the major parts is we have agreed to bring this particular border back to life, we have been given marching order by our Minister and we can assure you all that we will work towards achieving the target in a couple of weeks to come.”

In her address, Mrs Adidjatou Hassan, head of Benin Customs Service, stressed the importance of a synergistic partnership with Nigeria, as she inaugurated a strategic gathering designed to establish a fluid and effective working dynamic between the neighboring countries.

“We have been on this project of bringing this particular border back to life and in the process strengthening the business relations with our neighbour”

”One of our challenges is infrastructure which we have started to address by embarking on improvement of facilities at the border for easy access of entry between the citizens of the nations,” he said.

Governor Nasir Idris of Kebbi State hailed the historic move by the two Presidents, which has reopened the floodgates of trade and commerce, facilitating the efficient movement of goods and services, and injecting new life into the regional economy.

“Kebbi State has maintained good neighbourliness with the Republic of Benin beneficial to both border communities and other residents on economic activities and social interaction,” he said.

The meeting boasted a strong lineup of officials, including Romuald Wadagni, the Senior Minister overseeing Economic, Financial, and Cooperative affairs; Olushegun Adjadi-Bakaru, Benin Republic’s Foreign Minister; and a team of senior government officials from Kebbi State, all working together towards a common goal.

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