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Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, the former President, opined that the judiciary’s lack of impartiality in election-related cases drives politicians to seek legal recourse, implying that a fairer approach would reduce the number of court cases.

Goodluck Jonathan expressed his views while inaugurating the state-of-the-art Delta State High Court Complex in Asaba, the nerve center of the state’s judicial landscape.

As a token of recognition for their service, Goodluck Jonathan also initiated the handing over of 20 state-of-the-art SUVs to the respected members of the judiciary in Delta State.

At the inaugural event, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan praised Governor Sheriff Oborevwori’s visionary leadership, which has spearheaded a transformative infrastructure revolution in Delta State.

He said: “My thinking is that 50 percent of those who go to court do so because they felt they were cheated by the electoral management system.That they were rigged out.

“When you feel naturally aggrieved, you have to go to court. So, assuming the elections are properly conducted, they knew they failed in the election, but they feel they can use the judiciary to be declared them winners.

“If the judiciary doesn’t declare who didn’t win an election the winner, over 50 percent of election cases will not go to court.”

Jonathan added that “in South Africa, the electoral management body will never compromise. They all know it. If you lose the election, you just wait for the next election.

“You don’t need to go to court. Because if you go to court, the judiciary too will not compromise. So, you will not get anything.”

Oborevwori said the former President remained a great Nigerian patriot, statesman and unique leader, in and out of office.

Jonathan said: “There are some projects that are very fundamental to the growth and development of the state. And we expect anybody who takes over government to continue with them and you are doing exactly that.

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“I believe that if you go across the country today, this is one of the best judiciary headquarters in the country. And I congratulate the Governor and the judiciary of Delta State for this exemplary project,” Jonathan added.

Earlier, Oborevwori said: “Of the three arms of government, only the judiciary was lacking a befitting office building.

“This motivated me to hasten the completion of this project. I am glad that today the narrative has changed for good.

“The implication, going forward, is that the cause of justice will now be better served for the greater good of all.

“As a government, we have taken steps to further ensure that our judges and associated staff not only operate in a conducive and enabling environment but are provided with the necessary tools that complement the functionality and prestige of their offices.”

The former President praised Governor Oborevwori’s unwavering commitment to infrastructural development, which has triggered a remarkable transformation in Delta State, elevating the quality of life for citizens and redefining the state’s trajectory.

Governor Oborevwori warmly thanked Dr. Goodluck Jonathan for gracing the occasion, his presence a testament to their enduring partnership in driving development.

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