S'Korea Moves To Retaliate Against N'Korea's Trash Balloons

South Korea has disclosed that it has resolved to restart anti-North Korean propaganda loudspeaker broadcasts in border areas in response to continuing North Korean campaigns to drop trash on the South with balloons.

Following a national security meeting, the South Korean presidential office said the loudspeakers will be installed and begin broadcasts in border areas on Sunday.

The move is certain to anger North Korea and potentially prompt it to take its own retaliatory military steps.

North Korea over the weekend flew hundreds of trash-carrying balloons to South Korea again in its third such campaign since late May, the South’s military said, just days after South Korean activists floated their own balloons to scatter propaganda leaflets in the North.

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Africa Today News, New York recalls that in what Pyongyang has described as retaliation for activists flying anti-North Korean leaflets across the border, North Korea on Sunday launched hundreds of more trash-carrying balloons toward the South after a similar campaign a few days earlier, according to South Korea’s military.Africa Today News, New York reports that between Saturday night and Sunday morning, no fewer than 600 balloons flown from North Korea have been found in various parts of South Korea.

The balloons carried cigarette butts, scraps of cloth, waste paper and vinyl, but no dangerous substances were included, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said Sunday.

The military advised people to be cautious of falling objects and not to handle items suspected to be from North Korea, but rather to report them to military or police offices. There have been no reports of injuries or damage.

In Seoul, the city government sent text alerts saying that unidentified objects suspected to be flown from North Korea were detected in skies near the city and that the military was responding to them.

Africa Today News, New York

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