Rwanda, inarguably, is one of the most beautiful and cleanest country in Africa. Her state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities, and serenity make the country more appealing to tourists.

The country is among the top African countries that records the highest number of visitors regularly all through the year.

Tourism is one of the major source of her revenue and as such the Rwandan government ascertain that tourists to their country, enjoy every bit of their tour. This is evidenced ranging from the country’s legendary hospitality to adequate security measures.

In a bid for more tourist attraction and investment, Rwanda has opened her border to visitors via the “Visa On Arrival Policy.”

Rwanda ranks third on the list of countries in Africa regarded as best conference/tourist destination by The Africa Visa Openness.

Part of the report from Africa Visa Openness Index says this about Rwanda, “Africans enjoy liberal access to Rwanda, with no visa required for 15 countries and visa on arrival for 38 countries. A top 10 performer on the Index since 2016, the country’s open visa policy has inspired countries Africa-wide, including Benin, and soon Ethiopia, to liberalize their visa regimes.”

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