$9.6bn judgement debt: Experts proffer solution to Nigeria

By MarkAnthony Nze 

“In the presidential suite of City Heaven, a 5-star hotel in Los Angeles and owned by Owelle Richard Amaocha.

The three business men, all in their late fifties from Lasegeria, who incidentally are the cabals of the country, sat to dine with the young Chief of Naval Staff.

The suite had a state-of-the art dinning room and on the table were the best dishes and choicest wines in the world, that no human can resist salivating on seeing.

For about fifteen minutes, they had been enjoying their meals in silence before Alhaji Alako Dangitta, the richest among them broke the silence.

Alhaji Alako Dangitta is not just the wealthiest among the four but also in the country, and Africa generally with interests in agriculture, banking, finance, shipping, oil, gas, and practically, every sector of the economy.

‘Gentlemen, it’s time we go into discussion why we are here.’ He softly said, amidst stuffing a large spicy shrimp into his mouth.

Then he turned to the eight beautiful blond women that even a monk would require extra grace to resist, and they knew it was time to vacate the suite.

They would come back when the men were done. For the four would have two ladies each and this was one of the most interesting part of the meeting to the young Naval officer.

‘Sure,’ Chief  Ola Akande responded, a shrewd business man who also dominated the oil and gas industries using his relative as proxy. He equally controlled the entire political structure of the south-west region of the country, and reliable sources have it that he owns half of the lands and buildings in the rich aquatic state having been her governor for two consecutive terms of four years, and currently has his stooge as a governor.

‘Alhaji, let him know why we summoned him here this time’. Owelle Amaocha Richard, a state governor in one of the south-east oil rich states, who owned so many investments in the real estate as well as so many oil blocs suggested.

‘Right,’  Alhaji responded and turned to a young man sitting in their midst, who apparently was in his his late 30s.

‘Dasuki,’ Alhaji Alako called out.

‘Alhaji,’ Dasuki responded and bowed his head reverentially, trying to light his cigar.

‘I hope you won’t smoke that poison here?’
Alhaji asked and the fearless young man smiled and dropped the Cuban cigar on the table.

‘Good. Now, we are aware that MT Las, carrying crude oil estimated to be worth $50 million USD  is set to sail tonight to England for refining?’

The handsome and slim Naval officer nodded in affirmation.

‘I want that vessel to disappear in the coastline, ‘Alhaji calmly said knowing that it was as good as done.

Dasuki rapidly got to that level by obeying his instructions instead of the minister of defense because he knew, failure to do so would result to him being fired without benefits.

Also, he always benefited from every theft of crude entrusted in his custody for refining, which has become a regular occurrence for over three years he assumed the position.

After which, the government would set up an investigative committee with some like-minded crooks to head it, make all the noise; the media, which they own, and control will report endlessly about it, and the entire citizenry would rant, curse, and expect the perpetrators to be brought to book while the proceeds from the loot would be cooling in the domiciliary accounts of these four and the political leaders of the country that are partnering with them.

Shortly, the case would be thrown out without any concrete outcome.

The three of them own the major oil blocks, and print and broadcast media in the country and decide who rules the country as a president.

It’s a pity that a country as rich as Lasegeria that happens to be the richest oil country in the Sub-Sahara and the fifth in the world is still underdeveloped and majority of her citizens are wallowing in abject poverty.

‘Alhaji tell him where you want the vessel to disappear’, Owelle Amaocha suggested.

‘That’s correct’ Chief Akande concurred.

‘The vessel goes to Chief Akande’s refinery in Piccadilly. We already have some Germans that are offering $50 million for it.

Later, I will send you the details of where you will meet them, $2million would be transferred to your account in the Bahamas. Is that OK by you?’

‘Very well,’ Dasuki responded smiling from ear to ear and was about to say something again when Alhaji continued quickly;

‘And after this deal I want you to retire from the force…’

‘Sir!’ He exclaimed.

‘Haven’t we used you enough to steal from the country?’ Chief Akande humorously asked, and sipped a glass of his Château Latour.

‘Don’t mind the clown. I want you to get ready to be a governor in your state,’ Alhaji chuckled as he explained and Dasuki swiftly prostrated before him in appreciation and the rest of the men couldn’t help but burst into an uncontrollable laughter following the manner he went flat on his belly.”

Untouchable Looters is an excerpt among the literary works of MarkAnthony Nze.

Permission to use is granted so long as credit is given.


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