The former Nigerian vice president and 2019 presidential candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Atiku Abubakar has challenged the All Progressive Congress, (APC) and the current president, President Muhammadu Buhari to tell Nigerians what are his crimes before sending him to jail.

Atiku who said this after Buhari Campaign Organization(PMBCO) lash him over his attack on Buhari, who had blamed Nigeria’s slow system in arresting corruption.

Atiku who attacked Buhari on wednessday by saying, “Buhari your slowness has nothing to do with the Nigeria system of government.”

“You know you have failed, stop looking for a pillar to hold your hands because Nigerians have already known you are lying.” 

Atiku responds, “I’m not afraid of going to jail, but the APC governent should be able to provide Nigerians with evidence stating the crimes I have committed then I will gladly accept the arrest.

“Shadow remains servant to light, Nigerians deserved the best not by tricking and lying to them.”

“How many Nigerians need to die before the APC government will wake up from their endless sleep.”

“When a man fails, he put the blame on the man standing next to him that is what APC are doing they are scared to leave the governmnet in shame Atiku says.”

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