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ANNA simply means, American Nephrology Nurses Association. I became a member of the organization in 2014, when I traveled to America for the first time to attend the conference.

This might be an opportunity for a Nurse in Africa to visit the United States. I remember how it worked for me then, so I would like to share with you some tips, in case you are interested in attending next year conferences.

They include the following:

The Premier Nephrology Nursing Conference which is usually tagged, “ANNA NATIONAL SYMPOSIUM,” comes up in April 13 – 17, 2019 @ Dallas Texas.
Venue Address: Hilton Anatole 2201 N Stemnions Fwy, Dallas Texas, U. S. A.
Contact no: +1-856-256-2320.

Another ANNA Conference
Comes up on October 11-14, 2019, @ Hilton San Diego Bayfront, CA.
Topic: Nephrology Nursing Practice, Management and Leadership Conference.
Contact : +1-888-600-2662

All Nurses, Technicians, Bio-medics, Lab technologists, Doctors and are Welcome.

Interested in attending, simply send a message to the email address above and request for an invitation letter to take to the embassy for your B1 Visa, which only allows you to come in and stay temporarily (usually not more than six months at a time). You are free to call the contact no at any time and ask any questions you would like.

To facilitate your visa process, it would be wise if you could get your hospital to sponsor your trip.

For more details visit, ANNA web site

Somachi MarkAnthony, BSN, is a registered nurse/certified nephrology nurse. She currently lives in, and writes from the USA.

She can be reached at for questions and further clarifications.


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