FGN Delay on Minimum Wage totally Undesirable

Photo: Olawale

There’s been reaction from the Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association, NECA, that the indecisive stance of Federal Government in effectuating the new minimum wage is unacceptable.

NECA condemns the proposed industrial action slated for early next year due to draggy action of the Presidency in passing a bill in that regards to the National Assembly as promised.

Mr Timothy Olawale, NECA’s Director-General expressed concern about the delay after a report was turned in by a National Minimum Wage Committee formed by the President. In his words he said, “Globally, there is a recognized and acceptable process of setting a National Minimum Wage as enshrined in the ILO Convention 131.This process had been adopted in previous National Minimum Wage setting in Nigeria and was meticulously applied by the National Minimum Wage Committee inaugurated by the President in December 2017”

“It was expected that following the submission of the National Minimum Wage Committee’s report to the President on Tuesday, November 6,2018, expedited action would be taken in transmitting a bill to the National Assembly as promised by President Muhammadu Buhari.”

“This delay in the completion of the process had led to the proposed strike by Labour, which is totally undesirable and should be avoided.”


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