Comrade Obinna

The Action Alliance candidate in Owerri North constituency, Imo state, Nigeria, Comrade Chiagozie Paddy Obinna for the House of Representatives election has officially unveiled his comprehensive manifesto.

The astute and youthful politician, and technocrat took some time in explaining to his teeming grass-root supporters in a gathering held on Friday, December 28, 2018 in his home town, Emekuku; a town in the Owerri North constituency, what his representation of their interest would be, if eventually elected.

By this act, he became the first and only candidate among the others vying for the same seat to have taken the bold step.

Imo State politics generally is highly competitive, and the House of Representatives election particularly, is very challenging, more so when it involves Owerri North, this is as a result of the caliber of the candidates often involved. They are usually well educated, civilized, and seasoned technocrats in their various sectors of endeavors. However, it seems Comrade Chiagozie by all indications, has an edge over them considering that he enjoys a wider grass-root support.


The manifesto reads:


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”


-Mahatma Gandhi.

Democracy :

Is the process where every individual is involved and convinced that his opinion has been factored into the decision-making as far as the management of society is concerned.

The Legislature

The legislature is an assemblage of the representatives of the people elected under a legal framework to make laws for the good health of the society. It is also defined as, “The institutional body responsible for making laws for a nation and one through which the collective will of the people or part of it is articulated, expressed and implemented” (Okoosi-Simbine, 2010:1). The legislature controls through legislation all economic, social and political activities of the nation. It also scrutinizes the policies of the Executive and provides the framework for the judiciary to operate. Therefore, democracy cannot be talked about in any meaningful way without the legislature.

In simple terms, the legislature performs three basic Roles namely: lawmaking, representation and oversight.

My Mission : Eji eshi ụyọ mara mma fuma ama.

To advance the cause and interest of the people of Owerri North in particular, and Imo state in general through effective legislation and representation.

In addition to performing my duties which involve law making at the state level, I would ensure that the wishes, interests and ambitions of all stakeholders in the different communities in Owerri North are carried along.

I am highly committed to an inclusive, participatory, open and people-based representation vital for initiating and proposing bills that support community development and empowerment of various stakeholders in the various communities in Owerri North. Think about the youth, women, the less privileged, artisans, students (scholarships) etc.

As a representative of the people, I firmly believe that I do not only owe my mandate directly from you – the electorate, but also owe the electorate proper accountability of conduct in the legislature. Emphatically, from my programs in subsequent paragraphs, it would be clearer that this whole process is basically all about them, and I will always endeavor to consult with and listen to them at regular consultation meetings.

As a people-oriented legislator, I will aspire to build mutual cooperation and synergy to ensure qualitative legislation that will support the promotion of the rights, welfare and quality of life of the people.

The execution of constituency projects (reflecting the wishes and demands of the people) will be paramount for me, in order to uplift the status of the constituents.

I am going there to represent the interests of the people and not certain vested interests.

I am actually going for legislative intellectualism and not legislative materialism which is only for selfish economic benefits.

Very importantly, I would like you to know as well that my constituency office will be easily accessible during my the period of my representation.

The following are key areas I anchor my programs on:


For a people to contribute meaningfully to their society, it’s imperative that they are in good mental and physical conditions and that’s why I am committed to ensuring that my people have good health care within their reach by :

  • Sponsoring bills that will get the state government to be actively involved in establishing and adequately funding health centers in every community in the state generally.
  • Creating and working with a committee that will give a thorough appraisal of the health concerns of our people through medical tests so that those that the health centers can’t handle, could be taken care of by seeking external support.
  • Ensuring that the health of our people will be a top priority by personally getting international corporations domiciled in our constituency to participate in corporate – social responsibility.

Arts, Culture And Sports Development

It is a well known assertion that Imo sate generally is rich in cultural heritage and has an active interest in sports especially among the youth. However over the years these areas have not been duly given the attention they deserve collectively particularly in my constituency.

I would ascertain that they get very functional as they ought to be by :

  • Creating programs that are geared towards the harnessing of our cultural heritage and developing different fields of sports that our youth are particularly interested in.
  • Establishing a committee that will work with me to create biannual events that will promote our culture and sports which invariably will boost tourism.
  • Assisting to sponsor our youth who are interested in making a career in culture, crafts, arts and sports.


It is the duty of any responsible and responsive government to create enabling environment for prospective investors. As a legislator, the onus falls on me to make sure that there’s adequate provision of jobs among the teeming youths, and others who still have the capability to work but not gainfully employed domiciled in my constituency by :

  • Sponsoring bills that are palatable for investors, so that my constituency, and the state at large will benefit from the investment the bills will attract from the investors, and entrepreneurs.
  • Creating job centers in my constituency for those who are in search of employment to submit their credentials for employment. Placement, and guiding them to the right profession or occupation suitable for their interest, and qualification.
  • Establishing skill acquisition centers for the unemployed to get training in relevant areas to make them easily employable.


The importance of acquiring a sound education can never be over emphasized, and that’s why I am committed towards making this a reality to my people:

  • Sponsor bills that will encourage state scholarship schemes for bright students.
  • Establish a scholarship fund in my constituency that can be easily assessed by those who can’t afford the expense of basic education.
  • Establish educational, and vocational training centers for both adult education, and youth respectively for specific technical, and administrative training such as; laboratory technology, phlebotomy, personnel management, automobile mechanics, and technical drawings.

Women Empowerment

My kind of representation will definitely take into consideration the women folk. A lot of times, they are neglected but, I will make sure they are part of the process, and this I will achieve through the following ways:

  • Establish a committee, and appoint an influential and proactive woman well respected for her integrity in my constituency to head it, and liaise with the women, and identify their needs.
  • Proffer pragmatic solutions once their needs and concerns are identified.
  • Sponsor bills in the house that will promote the socioeconomic benefits of the women, and get them actively involved in the polity.

In absolute humility, I make bold to state unequivocally why I deserve your votes:

  • I am well qualified and possess the skills needed to represent and serve the people.
  • In addition to being a youth, I have the intrinsic drive and the antecedents to bring about the change that my constituents desire.
  • I have the network and capacity to ensure that my voice is heard in the house, and can not be a “Rubber Stamp” house member.
  • I have excellent interpersonal skills to understand and defend my constituents’ interests.
  • As youth chairman of my own village, I understand my constituents’ pressing problems, and know that a bottom-up approach that puts the interests of my constituents first is the best approach in supporting community development

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