Comrade Obinna

The candidate of Action Alliance Party for Imo State House of Assembly Representatives election, Comrade Chiagozie Paddy Obinna releases  his New Year message.

Expresses,”Profound gratitude” to his supporters, and encourages his opponents to play,”Politics without Bitterness,” despite whatever circumstances that might prevail at the polls in the forth coming House of Assembly elections in Owerri North, Imo State.  

The statement reads:

“My very good people of Owerri North constituency, it is with a heart full of joy that I welcome you into 2019, a year that will certainly bring to each and everyone of us our long cherished desires in every ramification. Our quest definitely would be assuaged, and we will not have any cause to prefer the past year to the present. For our latter glory already has been released to be brighter and better than the former.”

“Whatever challenge we must have experienced in 2018, was meant to strengthen, and make us wiser as individuals, and as a people. Hence, we should let peace reign maximally in our lives, which invariably will breed unprecedented progress, and we shall further use the peace to preach the message of love, togetherness, and service to our constituency. This I am sure we can achieve both in words and in action.”

“I firmly believe that we being alive to witness the beginning of 2019 is indeed an act of God, and the Almighty has a purpose for us even as He deals with us respectively as individually, and collectively as a constituency thus let’s not be weary in every good endeavour we are involved in, be it in our families, or service to humanity.”

“My very people, friends, family, and well wishers, please let’s also get very involved in the campaign for good governance in our country, state, and most especially our constituency so that we can guarantee a better future for our children, and the younger generation coming forth – it’s never too late to deliver a better Owerri North, and God in his infinite mercy, has ensured that we went through 2018 alive not because we are more righteous than those who had gone but His infinite mercy saw us through to this point so I plead with you to be part of the decision-making that will determine who represents you in the State House of Assembly by stepping out to cast your votes during the elections. It is your civic right, and equally your voice, give your vote a chance to speak for you.”

“I express my profound gratitude to you all for your steadfastness, moral, and financial support in the cause of this journey. If not for your collective efforts I wouldn’t have got to this stage, and by the Grace of God, we will emerge with a landslide victory.”

“Finally, I extend the olive branch to my fellow contestants, and remind them even as my political inclination is borne out of the ideological principle of ‘Politics without Bitters’ to be guided in the same manner as I am regardless of the outcome of the elections.”

Chukwu go zie ndi Owerri North!

Very Sincerely,

Comrade Chiagozie Paddy Obinna,

Action Alliance Candidate for Imo State House of Assembly Representatives

Owerri North Constituency.


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