President Muhammadu Buhari, when answering questions in an interview aired by Arise TV made it known that, the killings in Zamfara state are worse than those of Benue and Taraba states combined but those of Benue and Taraba were being reported more because of ethnic and religious considerations.

When asked about the increased spate of insecurity in Katsina, Benue, Plateau, Zamfara, and Borno states, the President answered that the problem is that the press can help to stabilise the country through responsible reportage and leadership.

He the said that, “The reason is the number of people killed in Taraba and Benue put together are not up to the number of people killed in Zamfara State but what the leadership of Benue and Taraba are reporting is an ethnic and religious thing which is very unfair to Nigeria.”

The President also exonerated the herdsmen from the crises saying that they are known to carry sticks which are used in directing their cattle and occasionally machetes which they use in cutting grass for the feeding of their animals.

He blamed the crises on the fall of Muamar Gadaffi of Libya, as it gave birth to arms proliferation which worsened the crisis in Nigeria.