Health zone with Somachi

If you are in Nigeria, every Wednesday by 8:30 a.m. just go to EDUCATION USA at the American embassy. They will guide every prospective student on what and what you need to study in America. Step by step requirements for every school. They will do orientation for everything you need. Try and register with them.

Do you know that coming to USA to study is easy but it only requires some exams to be taken and some Money. However, the money matter is not a big deal because you can get students Loan from school. For you to be given the Loan, you need a co-signer to stand for you. The co-signer must be someone who has a good credit score.

Somachi MarkAnthony, BSN, is a registered nurse and certified nephrology nurse.

She lives in, and writes from the USA.

For questions, and further clarifications, she can be reached at