By Somachi MarkAnthony

There’s a misconception by the Western world about Africa, that Africans don’t speak English language. What many of them tend to forget is that don’t we were colonised by the British, the originators of English language.

In Nigeria, our Lingua Franca is English yet when we decide to travel abroad to study or work, we are required to complete an International English Language Testing system exam ( IELTS). So sad for Africa especially the English speaking countries of the continent. Funny enough, the British government that colonised us Nigerians, also expects us to complete an English Proficiency exam before coming to live and work in their country.

The most funny thing about it is that when you finally go Abroad, you will meet millions of people who cannot even say a sentence in English. For those that speak it, you will be surprised to discover that you are more sound in English than they are. When you speak a word, they try to learn from you.

Who is deceiving who? Why not give everyone equal chance. We from Nigeria are well educated and industrious. Why intimidate us to write an exam that is not necessary. All because you want to extort our Money and add to your riches.

It is time for us to stand up for our rights and maintain that we are an English speaking country and should not be required to write the IELTS examination.

What I came to understand is that most policies specified that if you are not coming from an English speaking country, you are required to write IELTS to get into schools and work, but people had an oversight of that policy and unconsciously it has become a policy for all Africans.

To solve this problem, Nigerians should take out time to read instructions and policies of any organisation who they are dealing with.
By so doing, one can correct the misconception that All Africans relocating to the United States, Australia  Canada or UK. should write IELTS.


Somachi MarkAnthony, BSN, is a registered nurse and certified nephrology nurse.

She lives in, and writes from the USA.

For questions, and further clarifications, she can be reached at